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Day 1
7 June 2024 (FRI)

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9:00 am to 9:15 am



9:15 am to 9:30 am

Session 1


9:30 am to 11:00 am

Panel One

Sites of Convergence I: Hong Kong as a Cultural Hub

4.36, Run Run Shaw Tower

Moderator: Nicole HUANG

‘Bilbao Effect 2.0: Franchising Art Museums in the 21st Century’
Anqi LI

‘Studying Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong: an Advertising Discourse Analysis’
Darius R. WONG

‘What’s After? An Exploration of the Sustainability of Community Art Practices in Hong Kong’
Zhuoran LIU

‘Collaborate, Contact, and Compete: The Afong Studio in Hong Kong’

Panel Two

Sites of Convergence II: Transformations in Urban Public Space 

4.35, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: John CARROLL

‘Disappearance, nostalgia, and Hong Kong’s neon signs’

‘Convergence Vs. Homogeneity: Exploring Hong Kong’s Identity in Transition’

Xin LIU and Yimu ZHANG

‘Lost in Translation: A Cross-Cultural Biography of Modern Swimming Pool in Shanghai, 1894-1937’

Jimmy Ho Yan NGAI 

‘Localization of Coffee and Transformation of Chinese Traditional Thoughts: A Study of Cafés in Shanghai, 1920—1949’

Mansha TANG 


Convergences of Gender, Nation, and War: Remapping Hong Kong Cinema in the Cold War 

4.36, Run Run Shaw Tower

Moderator: Kenny Kwok-kwan NG

‘Refuge and Unity: Chen Dieyi’s Alternative War Narratives in 1950s Hong Kong’
Junlin MA

‘The Melodrama of Transnational Affinity, 1958-1972’
Jing PENG 

‘“Talents and Beauties” in War: Gender Construction and National Narratives in Sun, Moon, and Star (1961)’
Huiyan ZHANG

‘Chor Yuen’s Martial Arts Films and the Studio Work of Hong Kong Cinema during the 1970s’
Danqi LU


Session 2


11:15 am to 12:45 pm

Panel One

Sites of Convergence III: Memory, Identity and Mobility 

4.04, Run Run Shaw Tower

Moderator: Loretta KIM

‘Who am I? Exploring identity formation in 20th century Hong Kong through life writing’
Shan Hei Anna TING 

‘Convergent Selves: Propagation and Complicity in Asian-American Memoirs’
Jeremy Ekberg 

‘A German-U.S.-East Asian Nexus of the 1930s: Verse-cum-Theatre for Materialist Dialectic’
Inhye HAN 

‘Rural Labor Intimacy: Socialist Collaboration in Land Reform Fictions of the 1950s China’
Yuzhe LI 


Panel Two

Globalizing Hong Kong: Transnational Movements of People and Ideas, 1950s to 1980s 

4.36, Run Run Shaw Tower

Moderator: John D. WONG

‘Globalizing Traditional Chinese Medicine: Medical Companies between Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, 1950s to 1980s’
Kelvin CHAN

‘Populist Colonial Statecraft and Regulation of Cross-border Mobility: The Exclusion of Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong during the 1970s’
Charles Chi Keung FUNG

‘The Circulation of Chinese Education Knowledge and Teachers in Hong Kong and British Southeast Asia, 1950s to early 1960s’
Doris CHAN


Panel One

Session 3


2:00 pm to 3:15 pm

Panel Two

Transnational Movement: Cross-cultural Communication 

4.35, Run Run Shaw Tower

Moderator: Sharon Shiao Ying CHU

‘“Translating” Le Petit Prince to Hong Kong: Another potential approach to world literature’
Bilin LIU

‘“An Inspiration to All”: Foreign Letters as the Voice of Hoxhaist Internationalism, 1969–1978’
Qingyun ZHAO

‘An arhat Marco Polo: Guangzhou, Venice, and transcultural (re)productions of a history in between’ 
Tingcong LIN



Day 2
8 June 2024 (SAT)

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Session 1


9:30 am to 11:00 am

Panel One

Business and Politics in Twentieth-century Hong Kong

4.36, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: Ghassan MOAZZIN

‘China Engineers, Ltd., a Hybrid Company in Post-war Hong Kong, 1945-73'

Carles Brasó BROGGI

‘State-society Relations in New Territories: The Case of Housing Provision’


‘Tracing British Influence – Incubating Broadcasting Policies in Colonial Hong Kong’

James Kang Shing WONG

‘German Shoe Companies in Hong Kong – After Production Had Moved On, What Comes Next?’

Christina HÄBERLE

Panel Two

Transnational Movement: Intellectual Interactions

4.35, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: Vivien Yan WEI

‘The Submerged Half: Rediscovering the Chinese American Woman Suffragist Mable Ping-Hua Lee (1897-1966)’



‘Reflecting Colonialism, Nurturing Nationalism: Writings of British Malaya by Chinese intellectuals (1915-1927)

Xu Zhe HO


‘The Life Journey of Harold Shadick and His Contributions on Chinese Culture’

Ka Kit TAI


Panel Three

Viewing Hong Kong from New Perspectives

4.04, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: Carol TSANG

‘Resistance against Religious, Enlightening, and Political Myths: The Evolution of Restoring Vision to the Blind in 20th-Century Hong Kong Literature’

Qibing NIE

‘Panoramic Views of Hong Kong and the Making of Place in the Archival Memory’



‘Critical Race Theory in Hong Kong: Possibilities among our Communities and Others across Asia’

Michael B. C. RIVERA


Session 2


11:15 am to 12:45 pm

Panel One

Movement, Mobility, and Mediation in a Bipolar World: Hong Kong during the 1950s and 1960s

4.36, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: Tze-ki HON

‘Joining the West: Kai Tak Airport and Hong Kong’s Aeromobility, 1958-1978’

Tze-ki HON

‘The Invention of Wong Fei-hung Legend and Vernacular Modernism in Postwar Hong Kong’


‘Cultural Hybridity in Liu Yichang’s The Drunkard: Hong Kong Literary Modernism in Global-local Mediation in the 1960s’


‘A Gateway to China: Ocean Terminal, Star House, and Hong Kong’s Oceanmobility, 1966-1978’ 

Henry CHOI

Panel Two

Imagining Body and Desire in Literature, History, and Myth

4.35, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: Shuk Man LEUNG


‘Flows of Visualities: Conflicting Ways of Seeing the Body in Republican China (1912–1937)’

Xiaoqing WANG


‘Game of Horrors: Revealing Societal Desires in Chinese Web Novels’

Xinyue ZHANG


‘The Spirit of Cultural Fusion in Latin American and Chinese Mythology: An Analysis of the Re-interpretations of Guadalupe in La Frontera and Zhu Jiu Yin in Classic of Mountains and Seas’

Yuanjiang WANG


‘Zhang Jingsheng and The History of Love and Sexual Desire in Modern China’  

Zhuoran XU


Panel Three

Literary Representation in Late Imperial China

4.04, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: Olivia MILBURN


‘Self-censorship and Esoteric Writing in High Qing Evidence from the Poems and Plays of Jiang Shiquan (1727-1785)’

Liangliang CHEN

‘Constructing Moral Space: The Spiritual World in Late Ming and Early Qing’s Prose on Literati Studio’

Heung Sing LEE


‘From Shuihu Houzhuan to Zhongyi Xuantu: On the Historical Reappearance of “Jingkang Incident” in the Qing Court Drama of the Qianlong Period’

Giovanna Tsz Wing WU

 ‘To Strengthen His Imperial Power: Emperor Liao Xingzong Plotted to Recover the Guannan Territory in 1042’

Yujie LIAO



Session 3


2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Panel One

Reinterpreting Sino-Western Interactions

4.36, Run Run Shaw Tower

Moderator: David POMFRET

‘Chinese Visitors, English Libraries: The Role of Native Chinese Visitors for the Understanding of Collections of Chinese Books and Manuscripts in England, 1687–1775’

Maans Ahlstedt AABERG

‘Transnational Relations from the Ground Up: Rethinking the Opium War Era’


‘Reflections on the Chinese/Western Interpretations of Hierarchy in Confucianism’

Junbo TAO

‘Is “Yaotiao (窈窕)” actually “Yaojiu (窈糾)”? — A Study on the Interpretation of Western English Translations of the Book of Songs'

Yin Hei KONG

Panel Two

Transnational Entanglements-Constructing Hygiene Knowledge in Interwar Hong Kong

4.35, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: Carol TSANG


‘Architecture of Health: Hygiene and Schooling in Hong Kong, 1901-1941’

Stella Meng WANG


‘“To Inculcate Certain Truths”: Taming the Chinese Learners’ Bodies with Western Hygiene Knowledge, 1903-1933’

Alison SO

 ‘In the Name of Margaret Sanger: Birth Control and Sexual Hygiene in Interwar Hong Kong’



Panel Three

Sino-Western Cultural Contact in Late Imperial China

4.04, Run Run Shaw Tower


Moderator: Siu Fu TANG

‘“Chinese Pidgin English as an “in-between language” for cross-cultural communication’

Michelle LI

‘“The Fasting Kitchen Has Fresh Fish for Lunch”: The Christian-Confucian Dialogue on Catholic Fasting in the Late Ming and Early Qing Period’



‘Western Perspectives on the Fall of Li Zicheng in Beijing, 1644’

Jingyi CHEN


The Panel Sessions registration is by invitation only.  Limited Seats.  Pre-registration Required.
(For successful registrants only. No walk-in registration.)

Successful registrants will receive a confirmation email with further information on on-site registration and arrangements.

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