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Schedule of Panel Sessions

Day 1
7 June 2024

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Panel One

Panel Two


9:00 am to 9:15 am


9:15 am to 9:30 am

Session 1

Sites of Convergence I: Hong Kong as a Cultural Hub

9:30 am to 11:00 am

Moderator: Nicole HUANG

‘Bilbao Effect 2.0: Franchising Art Museums in the 21st Century’
Anqi LI

‘Studying Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong: an Advertising Discourse Analysis’
Darius R. WONG

‘What’s After? An Exploration of the Sustainability of Community Art Practices in Hong Kong’
Zhuoran LIU

‘Collaborate, Contact, and Compete: The Afong Studio in Hong Kong’

Sites of Convergence II: Transformations in Urban Public Space 

Moderator: John CARROLL

‘Disappearance, nostalgia, and Hong Kong’s neon signs’

‘Convergence Vs. Homogeneity: Exploring Hong Kong’s Identity in Transition’

Xin LIU and Yimu ZHANG

‘Lost in Translation: A Cross-Cultural Biography of Modern Swimming Pool in Shanghai, 1894-1937’

Jimmy Ho Yan NGAI 

‘Localization of Coffee and Transformation of Chinese Traditional Thoughts: A Study of Cafés in Shanghai, 1920—1949’

Mansha TANG 

Session 2

Sites of Convergence III: Memory, Identity and Mobility 

Moderator: Loretta KIM

‘Who am I? Exploring identity formation in 20th century Hong Kong through life writing’
Shan Hei Anna TING 

‘Convergent Selves: Propagation and Complicity in Asian-American Memoirs’ Jeremy Ekberg 

‘A German-U.S.-East Asian Nexus of the 1930s: Verse-cum-Theatre for Materialist Dialectic’
Inhye HAN 

‘Rural Labor Intimacy: Socialist Collaboration in Land Reform Fictions of the 1950s China’
Yuzhe LI 


11:15 am to 12:45 pm

Convergences of Gender, Nation, and War: Remapping Hong Kong Cinema in the Cold War 

Moderator: Kwok-kwan Kenny NG

‘Refuge and Unity: Chen Dieyi’s Alternative War Narratives in 1950s Hong Kong’
Junlin MA

‘The Melodrama of Transnational Affinity, 1958-1972’
Jing PENG 

‘“Talents and Beauties” in War: Gender Construction and National Narratives in Sun, Moon, and Star (1961)’
Huiyan ZHANG

‘Genderizing the Ming Dynasty during the Cold War: Nationalism, Masculinities, and Ming Imaginations in King Hu’s Martial Arts Films’
Danqi LU


Day 2
8 June 2024

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