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(Re)connection: communication, and contact

7-8 JUNE, 2024

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Hong Kong, like its oldest Faculty of Arts, has long been a place of convergence. As a site of cosmopolitan overlap and diversity, produced by the impulses of trade, consumption and colonialism, Hong Kong provides a unique vantage point from which to push forward explorations of knowledge production and human experience engaging a variety of social and cultural contexts. The Faculty of Arts invites scholars working in the Humanities to an international and interdisciplinary conference which aims to open points and zones of connection, to conceptualize and critique borders and boundaries through a variety of disciplinary lenses, and also to advance transnational, comparative ‘China-West’ and ‘Asia-World’ research across multiple fields of study.

The conference will be hosted at the University of Hong Kong from 7-8 June 2024. This will be the first in a series of conferences bringing together scholars working at the intersections of humanities disciplines.

For enquiries please contact the Faculty of Arts (

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